One-in-three informal carers of stroke survivors experience depression or anxiety. However, there are currently no psychological treatments specifically for this carer group.  Adopting the Medical Research Council framework (Craig et al. 2008) for developing complex interventions this research will develop and pilot a psychological treatment for informal carers of stroke survivors experiencing depression or anxiety in two stages: (i) To develop a psychological treatment informed through: (a) systematic review of the existing evidence base; (b) semi-structured interviews about the caring experience with depressed and anxious carers and those not experiencing emotional difficulties; (c) focus groups with carers and health professionals to further develop the treatment content, method of delivery and a training programme for health professionals delivering the treatment. (ii) A pilot randomised controlled trial comparing the new intervention with treatment-as-usual within an NHS primary care setting to clarify uncertainties in the design and delivery of a Phase III trial.

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