Polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS) affects~15% women and predisposes to diabetes and cardiovascular risk through insulin resistance. This study investigates and stratifies risk in women.

Project Overview

To quantify the independent contributions of central adiposity, insulin resistance, ß cell dysfunction and other clinical characteristics, to glucose intolerance and the metabolic syndrome in women with PCOS compared with BMI and age matched controls.

Specific hypotheses
1) Insulin resistance in women with PCOS, as in weight and age matched controls, is determined by central obesity.
2) Central obesity in PCOS, as in weight and age matched controls, is the main factor associated with the metabolic syndrome.
3) PCOS is associated with defects in ß cell function, independent of obesity and insulin resistance, and these potentially predispose to T2D.
4) Women with PCOS could define the types of interventions most appropriate to CMR reduction in this patient group.

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