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I am Professor of Mental Health Services Research in the University of Exeter Medical School, UK.


I am involved in international efforts to improve access to and efficacy of treatment for those suffering from a range of health deficits, including high prevalence mental health problems such as depression. This work involves developing and testing evidence based treatments, and then translating these into routine clinical environments. I undertake clinical trials of existing and newly developed treatments, and organisational systems to improve access, funded by the UK Medical Research Council and the UK National Institute for Health Research. I am also chair of the REFLECTION network and believe passionately that nursing, as an applied science, deserves nursing research which is focussed on improving the evidence base for interventions carried out by clinical nurses. I have written over 130 peer reviewed papers, articles, books and book chapters on mental health care and nursing care including some of the core publications underpinning the REFLECTION network.

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Sir Henry Wellcome Building
University of Exeter
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